Celebrating a Life

"Funerals are most meaningful when they are personalized tributes to the unique life and relationships of the person who has died"  - Dr. Alan Wolfelt

We believe a life lived is a life worthy of celebrating. As funeral directors and support staff we want to make every effort to create meaningful and affordable funerals for each and every family we serve. Through our in-house Personalization Department we can assist in personalizing a funeral by: creating a DVD video of pictures, playing favourite music, creating keepsake cards for relatives & friends, memory tables for displaying various mementos and items from hobbies, personalizing the casket and/or urn (keepsake corners, picture panels, engraving, etc.), providing a full assortment of stationary items (bulletins/orders of service, keepsake cards, guest books, thank-you cards) in various styles and languages.

Memory Table

A memory table can be used to display important items such as a favourite hobby or something significant in their life such as: golf clubs, a musical instrument, knitting needles, awards or certificates, motorcycle jacket, fishing pole... the possibilities here are really endless.

DVD Video Tribute

We offer all of our families the option of having a DVD video produced through our in-house personalization department which may be shown on our specialty equipment during visitation and/or service.

Picture Boards

Families are welcome to make picture collages as a display within the funeral home during the visitation and/or service. The funeral home can provide the hard board as well as proper easels for display.

Casket Personalization Options

Caskets can be personalized to reflect the unique life of the deceased. Commemorate cap panel as well as keepsake corners, such as praying hands, a golf scene etc. may be added to the casket to assist. The corners are removed prior to burial or cremation as a keepsake for family members.

Cremation Urn Options

Personalization through engraving names, dates as well as various images onto an urn can add to the personalization of the visitation and/or service.

Funeral Stationery Options

We provide a full line of stationery items including register books, keepsake memory cards, prayer cards, orders of service and thank you cards. The stationery can be personalized with text including various languages as well as photos or images that may be meaningful.