Green Funerals and Burials

Thank you for visiting our Green Funerals website.  Simply stated, a Green Funeral refers to taking environmentally responsible practices from both general business and the funeral profession to create meaningful funerals that minimize the impact on the environment. At the Erb & Good Family Funeral Home we are pioneers of the Green Funeral movement. We have taken a grassroots approach to Green Funerals by stepping back and reevaluating the way in which we serve families before, during and following the funeral. Our internal environmental audit focused on two separate, yet equally important areas; General Business Practices and Professional Funeral Practices. This website contains information on both areas of our audit and illustrates the steps that have been taken and those that are in the process of being implemented.

We are proud of the significant strides we have made to minimize our overall environmental impact. We trust that the decisions and steps we have implemented today will be of great benefit for generations to come. The Erb & Good Family Funeral Home has been serving the families of Kitchener-Waterloo and the surrounding area for over 60 years.  We would welcome the opportunity to serve yours.