About Erb & Good Funeral Home

The Erb & Good Family Funeral Home is proud to be Kitchener-Waterloo’s longest serving independently and family owned funeral home in a profession where many of the funeral homes are owned by large corporations. We trust people value that we have remained family owned and we have a strong commitment to bettering the community in which we work and live.

Our caring staff, family ownership, personal guidance, facilities and reasonable prices have become the hallmark of our service.


The Erb & Good Family Funeral Home was established in 1946 by Edward R. Good and was operated under his name until July 2006 when it was changed to Erb & Good Family Funeral Home. The name change was to recognize the founding of the funeral home by the Good family and the 37 year involvement of the Erb family. Mr. Good’s son Paul, and Jim Erb, joined Edward Good as business partners in 1979 and later purchased his interest in the funeral home. Edward, who died in 2002, left us a strong legacy of exceptional care to the families we serve; impeccable values, high professional standards and a strong commitment to the community.

The future of the funeral home remaining independent and family owned has a bright future. On March 1, 2009, Mark Erb and Rob Wintonyk assumed ownership of the funeral home.


There are many benefits to working with a family owned funeral home. These benefits include the on-site presence of the owners who have a long term interest in the business and community, dealing with staff who live and work in our community and lower costs ~ it is all about our family serving your family ~. One municipality recently commissioned an independent survey which determined when we spend $100.00 at one of our community’s family owned businesses we generate $68.00 in additional local economic activity. If we spend $100.00 at a chain owned business, only $43.00 remains in the community. Doing business with family owned businesses means your money remains here to help build a better community.

Many families who compared prices with other funeral homes before choosing Erb & Good have told us our prices are typically lower than other area funeral homes. This translates into hundreds and even thousands of dollars. We are confident that our services and merchandise are reasonably priced and if we are shown otherwise, we will adjust our prices accordingly.

Earning a position of trust in a community requires people who understand the needs and wishes of families in their time of grief. Along with the Erb and Good families, the dedicated employees of the funeral home have provided assistance in a sensitive and caring way to many families. 


Edward R. Good and his wife Rhea established the Edward R. Good Funeral Home in 1946. To recognize the ongoing involvement of the Good family and the 37 year involvement of the Erb family, the name of the funeral home was changed to Erb & Good Family Funeral Home on July 1, 2006.

The original house at 171 King Street South was built in 1913 and was owned by the Gartung family who operated it as the Maples Tea Room. When visiting the funeral home, many families tell us they attended weddings and other celebrations here.

Our goal has always been to provide a facility that is comfortable and meets the needs of the people we serve. To this end, the building has seen a total of eleven additions or renovations. In 1959, we built the first funeral home chapel in Kitchener-Waterloo. A major expansion in 1988 included the Fireside Reception Room for post funeral gatherings. In 1994, we purchased part of the Labatt property which included the Historic Kuntz House adjacent to the funeral home. This purchase has expanded our parking facilities to over 100 spaces and gives ample opportunity for future building expansion. In 1998-99, we joined the Historic Kuntz House to the funeral home to accommodate a larger chapel. Renovations also included an enlarged foyer, new visitation rooms and a canopied covered entrance.