Our Team

Mark Erb - Owner & Licensed Funeral DirectorMark Erb, Licenced Funeral Director and Owner
Email: markerb@erbgood.com

Jim Erb - Licensed Funeral DirectorJim Erb, Licenced Funeral Director
Email: jimerb@erbgood.com

Cameron Hahn, Licenced Funeral Director, Pre Arrangement DirectorCameron Hahn, Licenced Funeral Director, Pre Arrangement Director
Email: camhahn@erbgood.com

Paula Heimpel, Licenced Funeral DirectorPaula Heimpel, Licenced Funeral Director
Email: contact@erbgood.com

Lauren Lauren Lang, Licenced Funeral DirectorLang, Licenced Funeral Director
Email: contact@erbgood.com 

Greg Raszmann, Licenced Funeral Director Email: contact@erbgood.comGreg Raszmann, Licenced Funeral Director
Email: contact@erbgood.com

Ian McLaren, Funeral Director
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Charlene Kleine, Administration/Graphic ArtsCharlene Kleine, Administration / Graphic Arts
Email: contact@erbgood.com

Emily Van Giessen, Graphic ArtsEmily Van Giessen, Graphic Arts
Email: contact@erbgood.com

Dena Moitoso, Bereavement Counsellor and EducatorDena Moitoso, M.Psych.
Bereavement Counsellor and Educator

Doug Jarvie, Facility Services and Funeral Director AssistantDoug Jarvie, Facility Services and Funeral Director Assistant

Rob WintonykRob Wintonyk, Licenced Funeral Director and Owner
Email: robwintonyk@erbgood.com

PPaul Good  - Licensed Funeral Director (Ret.)aul Good, Licenced Funeral Director, ret.

Les Hammell, Licenced Funeral DirectorLes Hammell, Licenced Funeral Director
Email: contact@erbgood.com

David Tower, Licenced Funeral Director

David Tower, Licenced Funeral Director
Email: contact@erbgood.com

Kathy Kunz, Office ManagerKathy Kunz, Office Manager / Bookkeeping

Sharon Hartigan, AftercareSharon Hartigan, Aftercare

Tim Leis, Facility Services and Funeral Director AssistantTim Leis, Facility Services and Funeral Director Assistant

Phil WicksPhil Wicks, Funeral Director Assistant

Jim WalshJim Walsh, Funeral Director Assistant

Rev. John Lougheed, Funeral Director Assistant & Presider
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Bryan Bowman, Funeral Director Assistant

Bryan Bowman, Funeral Director Assistant

Dale Good, Funeral Director AssistantDale Good, Funeral Director Assistant

Marie Miller, Funeral Director AssistantMarie Miller, Funeral Director Assistant

Ed Ringwald, Funeral Director AssistantEd Ringwald, Funeral Director Assistant

Jean Fretz, ReceptionistJean Fretz, Receptionist

Jean Lehn Epp, ReceptionistJean Lehn Epp, Receptionist

Margaret Shivas, ReceptionistMargaret Shivas, Receptionist

Wendy Mielke, Reception Hostess ManagerWendy Mielke, Reception Hostess Manager

Karen Doerner, Reception HostessKaren Doerner, Reception Hostess

​Ruth Williams, Reception Hostess​Ruth Williams, Reception Hostess

Cyndi JonesCyndi Jones, Pianist/ Soloist

Ken Carter, Funeral Director AssistantKen Carter, Funeral Director Assistant

Bob Good, Funeral Director AssistantBob Good, Funeral Director Assistant

Terry Jutzi, Funeral Director AssistantTerry Jutzi, Funeral Director Assistant

Heather Motz, Funeral Director AssistantHeather Motz, Funeral Director Assistant

Jim Schmitt, Funeral Director AssistantJim Schmitt, Funeral Director Assistant

Roger Tjart, Funeral Director AssistantRoger Tjart, Funeral Director Assistant

Ruth Jantzi, ReceptionistRuth Jantzi, Receptionist

Dorothy MacBride, ReceptionistDorothy MacBride, Receptionist

Dale Bowman, Reception HostessDale Bowman, Reception Hostess

Karen Hayne, Reception HostessKaren Hayne, Reception Hostess

Linda Yake, Reception HostessLinda Yake, Reception Hostess

Rita Heimpel, HairdresserRita Heimpel, Hairdresser