James Sherk

Obituary of James Sherk


James "Jim" Sherk passed away peacefully on February 4, 2022 in his home at The Working Centre's Hospitality House. Jim is fondly remembered for his wry wit and his ability to see humour in even the most serious and painful areas of life. Those who knew him often found themselves making a double take as their brain caught up with his subtle dry humour. While Jim's sharpness could be seen in his humour it was most evident in his crib game. 


Jim found community at the Bridgeport Cafe as well as Hospitality house. As such he will be missed by the friends he made in these places among others.


He will particularly be missed by his friend Jeff Meyer who brought him a milkshake or ice cream every other day these past two years as well as Tom Friesen who first got to know Jim at The Bridgeport Cafe.


Tom Friesen (Jim's privileged crib protege) along with Sharon Hartigan bid Jim farewell with a perfect crib hand (3 fives and the Jack of hearts) with the 5 of hearts cut to represent Jim's kind heart at viewing with cremation to follow.

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