Connor Lazic

Connor Lazic

1998 - 2022

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Obituary of Connor Lazic



It seems an impossible thing for a parent to be asked to write the obituary for a beloved child when the heart is trying to cling to all the hopes of a future that could have been, if only things had been so very different. It is with that heart that rails against the facts as they stand that we must share that Connor (Cowie) Lazic - loved immeasurably by mom Tiffany, dad George, dad Ian, his aunts Sue, Linda, Wendy, Ceci, siblings Sierra and Joram, a huge family of cousins and second cousins who were at times more like brothers and sisters, and his beautiful tribe, Sakhon, Vlad, Brendan, Adrian, and Andrew - has passed away.

It seems an impossible thing to encapsulate so much life, so shortly lived, into a portrait that conveys a semblance of who Connor was. From his sweet Aunt Wendy who remembers that he loved tacos and sour gummies, computer games and animation. That he had a sweet tooth that matched his sweet soul and an artistic flair that drew his heart to a love of and talent for playing the bass. From his “aunts through mom’s friends” who remember his hope and optimism for future ventures like the accelerated arts program at Eastwood Collegiate and the excitement of his acceptance into the Tim Hortons Youth Leadership Program. From all the friends and acquaintances who have been sending memories of his kindness, his sense of humour, his sharp wit, his inquisitive mind, and his particular talent at crafting a teetering sandwich or a perfectly turned barbecue burger.

It seems an impossible thing to share so many reflections of such a gentle, sensitive, deeply loving, deeply caring soul and then feel compelled to continue that sometimes the world – in spite of how much love and support and understanding and help is available – sometimes the world is just too much for such a soul. Sometimes a world that offers so many options to numb is just too compelling to resist. And sometimes it only takes one numb out too many to darken the hope and the mind is unable to find its way back. Sometimes you can do and say all the things we are told to do and say, and yet the struggle is so immense, the only hope that seems left is to lay down the struggle. In the grief of that loss, we hold the true heart of Connor, this beautiful young man, as a bright light, loyal and loving, hilarious and mischievous, brilliant and sensitive with deep gratitude for all the ways he touched our lives during his short walk on this earth.

Far too soon, my love, far too soon.



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Thursday, September 29, 2022
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